Joan Clara Smith

Joan Smith is a Staff Software Engineer at Google. She is the senior technical lead for Google's Cloud Databases organization, including Bigtable, Spanner, Cloud SQL, and several internal and external database systems. Before that, she was the tech lead on a software effort to improve cloud capacity planning.

Joan is also a bioinformatics consultant at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; she has led research projects on cancer biomarkers, drug targeting, and SARS-CoV-2 risk factors.

She is on the Technical and Product Advisory Board of RTP Seed, a $30m investment fund.

Previously, she worked at Twitter on mobile platform development for Fabric (aquired by Google in 2017). While at Twitter, she created an open-source project to improve local development and test environments. Before Twitter, Joan worked on a Solaris kernel scalability team at Oracle/Sun Microsystems.

Joan graduated with a B.Sc. in physics from MIT, where she did research on quantum computing and software engineering.

Github: joan-smith
Twitter: joans
LinkedIn: Joan Clara Smith