Joan Clara Smith

Joan Smith is a Software Engineer in Site Reliability Engineering at Google, working on Bigtable.

At Twitter she worked on mobile platform development with Fabric, on an agile team developing Beta. She's passionate about developer tooling, and worked on an open-source project to improve local development and test environments. Before Twitter, Joan worked on a Solaris kernel scalability team at Oracle/Sun Microsystems.

Joan's also a data nerd, outside of work, she is developing a system to predict the survival of cancer patients based on gene expression data, and has studied patterns of gender discrimination in academic science. She graduated with a B.Sc. in physics from MIT.

While a student her primary focuses included quantum computing and software engineering. She led the organizing committee for the Northeast Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics and won the 2011 Orloff Award for Service in the Physics department.

She spent two of her three MIT summers working at Apple in Cupertino, and one for Accenture in Boston. In addition, she worked in Martin Rinards's lab at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, Joe Formaggio's lab in the Laboratory for Nuclear Science, and Isaac Chuang's lab in the Research Electronics Lab. On the side, she contributed to data analysis work for Angelik Amon's lab at the Koch Institute at MIT, specifically working on gene expression analysis.

Github: joan-smith
Twitter: joans